ezebreeze panels

“Excellent service, quality work and all excess material and old screens were taken away so there was no clean-up needed!”
L. Sanders, Columbia City, IN

“I would recommend you company to anyone.”
M. Brodbeck, Bryan, OH

“We are enjoying our addition and everyone we know was impressed with your work.”
C. Douglas, Garrett, IN

“We are very satisfied with Eze-Breeze Sliding Panels. Our room has a whole new feel. We enjoy our porch much more than before.”
B. Frederick, Ft. Wayne, IN

“Very satisfied with the installation of Eze-Breeze. Should have done it years ago.”
G.E. LeMasters, Ft. Wayne, IN

“The sunroom was my best investment, I really am happy with it!”
I. Rathburn, Auburn, IN

“When friends walk into our screen porch, they are just intrigued by the Eze-Breeze Sliding Panels, then amazed at how simple they work and are most impressed!”
D. Willits, Bluffton, IN

“Cost was very fair. Everything was done exactly as promised. I hope to be able to have Brown Construction do all my future home remodeling.”
L. Miller, Bryan, OH

“We are totally satisfied with the finished product and we are pleased with the quality and honest service we received.”
J. Wilson, Ossian, IN